Focus Awards Centres Now Eligible to offer NUS Extra Cards to their Learners…

The NUS Extra Card is usually only available to students in full-time or part-time “mainstream” education.

However, Focus Awards Centres can now offer it to their learners. Our excellent relationship with the National Union of Students (NUS) makes this possible.

It’s fantastic news for all learners registered with a Focus Awards Centre!

The NUS Extra Card enables your learner to get exclusive discounts on a huge range of products and services. From pizza to cinema and theatre tickets; from travel to branded goods….and more. The Card makes it cheaper. Discounts of 10% to 20% are not unusual.

At just £12 for a one year membership, the card is  real value for money. For Centres, it’s just another great benefit to pass on to their students. And it’s exclusive to Focus Awards.

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