Withdrawing the QCF Rules 

Last week, Ofqual issued communication to awarding organisations which confirms their intention to withdraw the QCF rules. This decision follows the recent consultation which closed on 16 October 2014. The decision has been based on the view that the current QCF rules do not always support the development and delivery of valid qualifications.  The communication states that awarding bodies will still be able to deliver and develop qualifications which retain the features of QCF qualifications (unitised, credit based, mastery etc.) as long as they are valid and comply with the General Conditions. The Unit Bank will NOT close in January 2015 as proposed; there will instead be a period of transition until the Summer of 2015 when the QCF rules will be withdrawn and the unit bank closed. Further consideration will also be given to a number of issues including the use of the term ‘QCF’ in the future and the use of ‘award’, ‘certificate’ and ‘diploma’ in qualification titles. Further information has been promised for early 2015 in the form of a further consultation to set out the implementation plans and draft of any new Guidance and new Conditions that are necessary to enable the change to take place. There will also be more information provided on the approach to credit, following the GLH consultation.  Ofqual plans to invite awarding bodies to a series of consultation events in 2015 and a Transition Advisory Group will also be established (which will include a FAB representative) to advise Ofqual on the technical aspects of the transition.

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