Focus Awards Level 2 Diploma In Customer Service (RQF)

Focus Awards Level 2 Diploma In Customer Service (RQF)

(QRN – 601/8842/X)



Qualification Overview

The Focus Awards Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service (RQF) is aimed at those learners who currently deal with customers on a daily basis and recognise that employment in the customer service sector involves a diverse range of functions, tasks, and activities that are constantly developing and changing.

The Focus Awards Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service (RQF) will help to develop customer service knowledge and equip learners to understand how to deal with day-to-day interactions with customers sensitively, respectfully, effectively and with a focus on quality.



Qualification Structure

To successfully achieve this qualification, learners must achieve 19 credits from the mandatory units, a minimum of 3 credits from group B, minimum of 16 credits from group C and a maximum of 7 credits from group D.



Learner Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification but you will need to be employed in a relevant job role.  There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading, and writing) involved so learners should have basic communication skills at Level 2.



Progression Routes

Learners wishing to progress from this qualification can undertake the following qualification:

  • Level 3 Award in Customer Service
  • Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading
  • Level 2 and 3 Diplomas in Business Administration



Age Ranges

Entry is at the discretion of the centre; however, learners must be at least 16 years old to undertake the qualification.



Geographical Coverage

This qualification is available in England and Northern Ireland.



Qualification Specification

To view the Qualification Specification please click here.

Unit Title Unit Ref Level GLH Credit
Mandatory Units
Deliver customer service R/508/4392 2 27 5
Understand customers L/508/4391 2 17 2
Principles of customer service Y/508/4393 2 34 4
Understand employer
D/508/4394 2 40 4
Manage personal performance and development H/508/4395 2 18 4
Communicate verbally
with customers
K/508/4396 2 14 3
Communicate with
customers in writing
T/508/4398 2 20 3
Deal with incoming
telephone calls from
A/508/4399 2 16 3
Make telephone calls to
H/508/4400 2 16 3
Promote additional
products and/or services
to customers
K/508/4401 2 14 2
Process information about
R/508/3372 2 14 3
Exceed customer expectations F/508/4405 2 15 3
Deliver customer service whilst working on customers’ premises J/508/4406 2 20 4
Carry out customer service handovers L/508/4407 2 15 3
Resolve customer service
Y/508/4409 2 22 5
Deliver customer service
to challenging customers
L/508/4410 2 16 3
Develop customer
R/508/4411 2 18 3
Support customer service
D/508/4413 2 18 3
Support customers through real-time online customer service H/508/4414 2 15 3
Use social media to deliver customer service A/508/4483 2 18 3
Resolve customers’
K/508/4415 3 22 4
Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback M/508/4416 3 24 5
Support customers using
self-service equipment
T/508/4417 2 18 3
Provide post-transaction
customer service
A/508/4418 2 22 5
Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace F/508/4419 2 16 2
Manage diary systems T/508/4420 2 12 2
Provide reception services T/508/4420 2 15 3
Contribute to the organisation of an event F/508/4422 2 23 3
Buddy a colleague to develop their skills J/508/4423 2 19 3
Employee rights and responsibilities L/508/4424 2 16 2
Develop working relationships with colleagues R/508/4425 2 19 3
Principles of equality and
diversity in the workplace
Y/508/4426 2 10 2
Processing sales orders D/508/4427 2 17 2
Meeting customers’ after
sales needs
H/508/4428 2 14 3
Handling objections and
closing sales
K/508/4429 2 22 3
Deal with incidents
through a contact centre
K/508/4429 2 22 3
Carry out direct sales activities in a contact centre K/508/4429 2 15 5
Negotiate in a business environment K/508/4432 3 18 4
Bespoke Software T/508/4479 3 20 3

A workbook for the mandatory units which has been fully mapped to the learning outcomes. Unit Workbook A unit workbook for the optional qualification units which has been fully mapped to the learning outcomes.


Download Sample

Core reading for the qualification, the manual is fully mapped to the learning outcomes.


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