• Level: 4

Focus Awards Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Customer Service (RQF)

(QRN – 601/7330/0)



Qualification Overview

The Focus Awards Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Customer Service (RQF) is aimed at developing the learners knowledge and skills required to recognise (at an operational level) the development and application of customer service strategies.

Learners will also have the opportunity to elect optional units that can reflect their preferred route into the customer service environment or expand on their current set of customer service skills.



Qualification Structure

Learners must achieve 55 credits by completion of all mandatory units in Group A totalling 14 credits, a minimum of 36 credits from the optional units group. A minimum of 20 credits must be achieved from optional Group B and a maximum of 16 credits must be achieved from optional Group C.



Learner Entry Requirements

Learners should be competent in literacy and numeracy, preferably at Level 2, to help with elements of communication. This is at the discretion of the centre as they may decide to use diagnostic testing methods to ascertain how they can support learners.



Progression Routes

Learners wishing to progress from this qualification can undertake the following:

  • Level 4 Diploma Business Management
  • Level 4 Retail Management



Age Ranges

Learners should be at least 18 years old to undertake this qualification.



Geographical Coverage

This qualification is available in England and Northern Ireland.



Qualification Specification

To view the Qualification Specification please click here.

Unit Title Unit Ref Level GLH Credit
Demonstrate understanding of customer service management J/601/1630 4 65 10
Follow organisational rules, legislation and external regulations when managing customer service D/601/1634 4 65 10
Optional Group A
Deal with customers in writing or electronically R/601/1226 3 40 6
Use customer service as a competitive tool D/601/1228 3 53 8
Organise the promotion of additional services or products to customers D/601/1231 3 47 7
Build a customer service knowledge set K/601/1233 3 47 7
Champion customer service T/601/1235 4 67 10
Make customer service environmentally friendly and sustainable F/601/1237 4 73 11
Optional Group B
Deliver customer service using service partnerships H/601/1229 3 40 6
Organise the delivery of reliable customer service Y/601/1230 3 40 6
Improve the customer relationship H/601/1232 3 47 7
Maintain and develop a healthy and safe customer service environment M/601/1234 4 53 8
Plan, organise and control customer service operations A/601/1236 4 67 10
Review the quality of customer service J/601/1238 4 53 8
Build and maintain effective customer relations L/601/1239 4 53 8
Deliver seamless customer service with a team F/601/1240 4 53 8
Optional Group C
Monitor and solve customer service problems J/601/1515 3 40 6
Apply risk assessment to customer service D/601/1519 3 67 10
Process customer service complaints D/601/1522 3 40 6
Handle referred customer complaints K/601/1524 4 67 10
Optional Group D
Work with others to improve customer service D/601/1553 3 53 8
Promote continuous improvement H/601/1554 3 47 7
Develop your own and others' customer service skills K/601/1555 3 53 8
Lead a team to improve customer service H/601/1568 3 47 7
Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback H/601/1571 3 67 10
Monitor the quality of customer service transactions T/601/1574 3 47 7
Implement quality improvements to customer service L/601/1578 4 67 10
Plan and organise the development of customer service staff L/601/1581 4 60 9
Develop a customer service strategy for a part of an organisation M/601/1587 4 73 11
Manage a customer service award programme A/601/1592 4 47 7
Apply technology or other resources to improve customer service Y/601/1597 4 73 11
Review and re-engineer customer service processes R/601/1601 4 47 11
Manage customer service performance K/601/1605 4 47 7

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