Student Forum

The student forums enable students to talk, via message boards, to other students enrolled on their course. This function is extremely beneficial not only to students who can provide peer support, but also enables you to pick up on any common queries or issues that may need addressing. These boards also provide tutors with a means of holding whole-group discussions or delivering support.


Something to tell students on a particular course, or everyone? The announcements feature displays a notification on the student dashboard when they login.


Add additional learning resources for all students or for those on specific courses


Students can create their own blogs which they can make visible to other students enrolled on their course, who can comment on it. Blogs can be a useful learning tool, enabling students to share ideas and discuss relevant topics / issues. Administrators can moderate blogs and comments to enable the removal of inappropriate content.

Did you know…?

Display useful hints, handy tips and “breaking news” on a scrolling text banner at the top of the student’s dashboard.

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