Configure permissions to control what users can access. Administrators have full access to all aspects of the system, across all courses and user groups, tutors however, are given access only to their information relating to their courses and groups of students. All users of the learning management system have their own username and password. When necessary, user access to the system can be temporarily restricted or permanently removed.

System Logo

The system can be easily customised and branded, and can even take up your logo in many different formats.

Create Packages

Do you have complementary courses that you can bundle with others? You can easily create bespoke packages here. It’s also great for putting together upsell or cross sell deals.

Manage Points

Do you have a Tesco Clubcard, or a Nectar Points Card? They are a great idea for easily encouraging customer loyalty.This neat little module lets you set up a points system to do the same thing. For example, if one of your clients recommends a friend and they buy a course, you could award points. You can also award points for giving positive feedback on rating websites. The student can accumulate them to, for example, get faster marking, discounts on tutor support extensions, a big discount on the next course etc. This facility is really only limited by your imagination.

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