Monitor Individual Student Progress

Effortlessly keep a detailed history of all the assignments a student has submitted and the feedback they have received through individual student records. This helps you to really ‘get to know’ your students and enables you to quickly and easily monitor their progress throughout their studies, as well as improve your record keeping by ensuring work is efficiently and securely stored.

Last Feedback

When a student is required to resubmit an assignment, tutors can view the student’s ‘last feedback’ alongside their resubmission to enable them to monitor the students’ progress more effectively.


The notes function enables tutors to keep additional confidential progress notes about a student, separate from their assignment feedback, making it easy to keep track of past difficulties, strengths or areas of concern.


Help students plan their study time effectively, while giving them a handy tool to structure their busy lives. Full featured diary, visible from the student’s personal dashboard.

Help Centre

Students are able to instantly access the tutor support email facility, live chat with student support advisers, and get information on materials, FAQs and other useful information from here.


A visual representation of the student’s progress, how many assignments completed, how many left, percentage done/to go, number of referrals, assignments marked, with dates, fees due etc.

This is also where the system administrator can obtain meaningful statistical data across the business. Student numbers, tutor marking times, numbers completing this week, last month, percentage uptake on offers, and much more.

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